Use the on-screen displays (OSD) that appear on the TV to make the settings.

Press 11597.png on the remote controller to display the Home screen, select Network/Bluetooth with the cursors on the remote controller, then press ENTER.


Select the item with the cursor 11620.png/11628.png/11636.png/11647.png buttons of the remote controller and press ENTER to confirm your selection.

Use the cursors 11658.png/11668.png to change the default values.

To return to the previous screen, press 11678.png.

To exit the settings, press 11688.png.


When LAN is configured with a DHCP, set "DHCP" to "Enable" to configure the setting automatically. ("Enable" is set by default.) To assign fixed IP addresses to each components, you must set "DHCP" to "Disable" and assign an address to this unit in "IP Address" as well as set information related to your LAN, such as Subnet Mask and Gateway.

Default Value: Off(Wired)
Wi-Fi Setup
Default Value: 
Wi-Fi Status
Default Value: 
MAC Address
Default Value: 
Default Value: Enable
Proxy URL
Default Value: 
Proxy Port
Default Value: (8080)
Friendly Name
Default Value: Pioneer VSX-LX301 XXX
AirPlay Password
Default Value: 
Usage Data
Default Value: No
Network Check
Default Value: 

Wait for a while if "Network" cannot be selected. It will appear when the network feature is started.


Default Value: On
Auto Input Change
Default Value: On
Auto Reconnect
Default Value: On
Pairing Information
Default Value: 
Default Value: 
Default Value: 

Wait for a while if "Bluetooth" cannot be selected. It will appear when the BLUETOOTH function is started up.

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