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Want to take your dancing to the next level?
Make it happen with the App!

Repeat your favorite part of the track. Practice makes perfect!
Slow down the tempo until you've got the moves down!
Speed up the tempo and challenge yourself!

Can simultaneously play your music and record video of your moves using the same iPhone!
If you use your STEEZ AUDIO at the same time, you can use the remote control to play back your dance track at any time!

Download dance+ and discover an all new way to take your dance skills to the next level!

Supports your choreographed routines!

You can change your tempo control, and repeatedly play back your dance track!

You can change the tempo of the music that is stored in your iPhone, and repeatedly play back your dance track.
You can repeatedly play back your choreographed routines until you've got the moves down, so you can dance with confidence!

Video record your moves so you can watch it back to see where you need to improve

Can simultaneously control your tempo and record video of your moves.
You can watch it back to see where you need to improve, so you can practice your dance routines until they're perfect!
Also, you can use the music data on your iPhone and get a recording of your moves without background noise.
By using it together with STEEZ AUDIO, you can use the speakers as sound output, and set your iPhone to a suitable angle for recording video.

※While video recording from STZ-D10Z dock, there will be a glimpse image of STEEZ AUDIO.

Your recorded videos are saved within the App for you to watch at any time. You can even save them to your iPhone device's Camera Roll.
The music used in the video automatically becomes that video's title, so they're organized easily for you to find them.

Remotely control your device while dancing

If used together with STEEZ AUDIO, you can operate your device with STEEZ AUDIO remote control
so you don't have to walk over to your iPhone each time to control your music.
You can immediately playback your dance track from a distance, so you can focus more on your dance practice.
By using the remote control, you can even start video recording in the middle of your dance moves.

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